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Specialist Assessment

During an initial (or review) visit, at a location to best suit you, we will complete a detailed assessment allowing us to identify any area(s) which require input and then tailor treatment plans accordingly. Throughout this process we discuss with the child (where appropriate) and family to ensure a holistic, patient-centred approach.

Where necessary, standardised assessments can also be utilised.

Report Writing

Detailed reports can be written on request and may be used for a variety of reasons, including:-
- To provide an overview of a child's current presentation, outline their area(s) of need and offer advice for further treatment strategies
- To refer on to other agencies
- To support Charity funding for equipment or Disability Living Allowance applications
- Education Health Care Plan writing

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Specialist Treatment

Treatment is individually designed to each child using a variety of techniques. This may include hands-on therapy, personalised exercise plans, teaching functional skills etc.

Treatment will work towards goals identified in earlier assessment.

We offer a mobile service and can assess and treat your child in the most convenient location for you and your child, be that: Home, School, Nursery etc.

If you would like to explore these services, please contact us using the button below.

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